Vampire Hunter D Wiki

The type of computer that oversees the airfield to the north of Diemli. As these computers have as much pride as any person, they can be hard to deal with, so Baron Byron Balazs is astounded by how subservient the computer is when dealing with D. Apparrent it was told of him by a certain visitor 5001 year, 298 days ago. It also recognizes him as a VIP due to it's programing probablly the same visitor. It would never be subserviant to just any Noble. The computer speaks with a synthesized female voice. For Taki, the voice calls to mind a cold and intelligent beauty. It can use another female voice, which is probablly intended to be that of D's Mother. Out of feelings it has for the Sacred Ancestor after his only visit five thousand years ago, the computer makes copies of  him from all the data it has available.


As close as possible to duplicating him, the Special Class-A Computer in the the Noble Airport out of feelings it has for him is a formidable being. The wind he summons has the power to decay everything in its wake. D's presence causes this copy to awaken.


Made of synthetic proteins and reconstructed muscle, being a bit larger and a head taller than D he has a wildjungle of hair and wears a black cape.