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"Only seen a picture of ’em in a guidebook. From what it said, seems these things were dreamed up to use against the OSB. The Nobles used their technology to get ’em up into space and make ’em fight. Now, a human being wouldn't wanna mess with monsters like these, and they seem to have had even more effect on the OSB."
HarmanBedeviled Stagecoach|[src]]]
"Whatever had brought the statues back to life, it didn’t appear that power extended to a mastery of their will. The spider with the crushed head and the claw creature that’d had its weapon half destroyed charged with renewed hate at the sculptor and the blacksmith, the bodies of each threatening to sink into the earth under their hundreds of tons of mass. The colossal hammer crushed the thorax of the pouncing spider, and as if waiting for that, the titanic claw dug into the statues neck, taking its head off with one swift motion."
― NarratorBedeviled Stagecoach|[src]]]

These are statues apparently crafted by human hands, but mystically brought to life. According to the guidebook of the Frontier they were made explicitly to fight the OSB by the Nobility in space. This matches up with what is known from Noble V: Greylancer that the Nobility used other means besides what could be technologically controlled through Artificial Intelligence, because that could be hacked by the OSB and turned against their makers. They are described as being over a hundred feet tall with weapons over one fifty feet in size, having hammers and other weapons. The humanoid along with their weapons weigh thousands of tons. They seem to have a will of their own which may also be so that there is no way to take control of them.

In Bedeviled Stagecoach the group is attacked by these creatures. Seemingly because of the danger they posed to killing that which they sought with the reckless and destructive actions they are fought by spider stone creatures who bound them to keep them under control.