By Order of the Privy Council, I will take command of tommorrow's attack on the OSB moon base. I expect nothing less than your full eforts. Here is the planThe Noble Greylancer

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Noble GreyLancer

The Field General and highest commander in the military forces, usually for a specific attack. The Supreme Commander has a subcommander at their side who they consult in revealing their planned attack strategy.


A human field general typically directed operations from the rear. But a Noble of any mettle led his men into battle. The order was not "Forward," but "After Me."

These were Supreme Commander Greylancer's chosen words:

Noblesse oblige--the obligation borne by humans of high birth, royalty and nobility, in return for their high ranking. Driven by this obligation the Nobility always stood at the vanguard of their fleet. Cowards were they that shouted "Forward!" from a position of safety. Noble Warriors simply said "After me," and were the first to draw weapons fire.

Noble V

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