D telekinesis
The ability to manipulate and use one's mind to attack or move objects and persons. The energy used to do this  is described as psychokinetic in nature, and is given off and produced by the mind. The color manifests  usually unique to wavelength and power of the individual.

A person weilding this power can create a barrier of psychokenetic energy, use the existing energy seemingly in the air or with in the object to move it around at will.  The person can also tear apart the object from the inside out with this method at higher levels of power, and  seperate individual peices such as the atomic make up of it.
Magnus Lee Telekinesis

Many users can also concentrate their power with in their own body and can significantly boost all attributes including strength, speed, agility, durability, stamina etc. They can also use this method in order to fly.

Carmilla and Count Lee are prime examples.

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