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"Young man, you’ve come into our village in a way no one else has ever managed. I wish I could tell you the passengers in that carriage were yours, but its too late, too late. We’ve already sided with the carriage, you see. The contract is drawn, and we’ve been paid in gold. Paid with the fabled ten-thousand-dala-coins—ten of them. Could you afford that much?"
Barbarois ElderDemon Deathchase|[src]]]

A highly rare form of currency on the Frontier. These coins are hard to come by as most are not rich enough to even have need of one. They are thought of to be some what of a fable that one wouldn't see in their lifetime.

Barbarois Elder says he and the others have been paid ten of these coins presumably by Mayerling to transport him and his lover where they want to go.