Is a wasteland area that exist somewhere in between an airport in the Eastern Frontier and the Capital. The area takes six hours to fly over by Sky Bus. It is an area that is almost a perfect circle three hundred miles in diameter. Entry into the playground is strictly prohibited for any reason. If a child wonder into it no one is allowed to search for them. An aerial vehicle crash landing there it is out of the question for a search party to be sent out.
Cthulhus realm by Acrylicdreams-1

Battle ruins near the fort of The Elder God. "The Playground"

Once this circular wasteland was really a "playground" for the Nobility. The name had survived into the present day , but all who knew how it was in antiquity had since turned to dust. All that remains of the original playground was part of a research facility that is also a shrine.  Despite its appearance and attempts to do aerial topography of the area not much else is known. Ten thousand years ago the The Sacred Ancestor's Army had come down on the Nobles who controlled the area. The Nobles held their ground from a Fortress that they lived in and worshiped their God. It was said despite the numbers of the troops it was their faith and this God that allowed them to weather the attack for an extended amount of time. Smashing through their defenses all that were left were 300 of them holed up in an old ruin. It was this battle that laid waste to these lands leaving it barren of life. This last stand for the Nobles is actually a Living Fortress where this Elder God still lives.

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