The Group Following D up Shilla Mountain

A group commissioned to bring back the Coffin of Gilzen or Gilzen himself as first priority. If this can not be accomplished then they are to destroy Gilzen.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Bring back or destroy Gilzen
  • Investigate and find out the status of the Pilot Del Rey and the Archaeologist Geeson, bring them back if possible in the best of health possible
  • Investigate the status of the search party sent that never returned, bring them back if at all possible in the best health possible.

Members[edit | edit source]

  • D (traveled to the village of Mungs at request of the Director Federico Marquis, while initially not really interested in the job, he did take on the job because of the danger Gilzen presents to the world)
  • Lilia (a vampire hunter who joined when D refused to join at first, when he did join her services where no longer required but she ends up joining the party again to prove her skills)
  • Dr. Vera (the village doctor, she joins because she hopes to give any needed medical attention to the survivors they encounter)
  • Dust (a bodyguard and warrior in the village of Mungs who serves as a personal Bodyguard to Dr. Vera)
  • Crey Jansen Of The Dead Man Blade (an outlaw who joins of his own accord wanting to go up the mountain for a hidden reason)
  • Lourié (a young boy who lives in the village of Mungs who joins the party, in search of his father who hasn't returned from the mountain)

Employers[edit | edit source]

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