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"The lot of you are ranked the greatest Vampire Hunters in the southern Frontier. The fact that you've been at it for more than a decade is proof enough of that. The average life expectancy of a Vampire Hunter is four years in the eastern Frontier, three and a half in the west, two in the north, and in the southern Frontier-----considered the most brutal of the bunch-------it’s only a year and a half"
Krishken SheriffThrong of Heretics|[src]]]

These are five Vampire Hunters who are considered the best in the Southern Frontier. The Southern Frontier is considered the roughest for this profession. They are gathered by the Mayor of Krishken to hunt the Xeno Clan, a Noble family who was massacred by the ancestors of the town of Krishken three centuries ago. The surviving members swore revenge on the descendants and just now have awoken in modern times.


-Locate and protect Annette Krishken at all cost.(Achieved)

-Destroy all members of the Xeno Clan and their servants.(Achieved)

-Prevent any members of the Xeno Clan or their servants from reaching the town of Krishken at all costs.(Achieved)

Other Parameters[]

Hunters are paid by a preset portion. If a hunter kills or aids in the killing of all of the Xeno Clan and their servants and is the only one to survive and bring back Annette Krishken alive, then they get all of the reward. If 3 bring her back then three share this portion of the reward equally. Same for any other number who return.


All members except Hiki are turned into servants of the Nobility. Lieca Slopey, Barry Dawn, Quake Resden and Confessor, all become servants of Xeno Gillian or Grand Duke Drago. Hiki is the only one to not only survive but also leaves with Annette Krishken and receives the reward.



Mayor of Krishken


Southern Frontier