"So you gave those guys your power?"--D

"Yes....that plus "the night", they're stronger than you are, at present. Leave with out engaging them."

Sacred AncestorScenes From An Unholy War|[src]]]
The Sacred Ancestor's Face of his Ten Thousand Feet Tall form looms behind D

"All these things were determined long ago by a majestic will." ―General Gaskell[src

A power to create night even in the day time. It seems to boost the powers of Vampires. The Sacred Ancestor gives this power to Toma to use as he pleases. He also gives this power to the Black Death Gang to use as well.

The power is described as: Moving across the sun. Or rather, the surroundings were suddenly, and  unexpectedly plunged into darkness, its physical and temporal characteristics were of the night itself.

It seems to not only make night but gives the user access to control the temporal surroundings to make and control this night as they please. They can use it to form and shape creatures out of it such as bats, wolves, and even meld with it becoming a sort of supernatural clay, if others are manipulating it they can combine their powers with it  and the others weilding it as they see fit.

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