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Sacred Ancestor painting

"Do you fools know I have looked like this since the village was founded? Have you any idea how your ancestors suffered and seated to build this mountain village after they were chased out of their homes for carnal relations with demons? On that day---the first day of our 10,000-year history, all their hard work was poised for destruction. I'll tell you a law that you youngsters don't know about. When that person or any of his bloodline should ever appear, then and only then must all in the village bend any subsequent laws and comply with his wishes. Heed my words!"
Barbarois ElderDemon Deathchase|[src]]]

Unlike those turned by the Sacred Ancestor and can be considered his progeny there are direct bloodline family members that were born from intercourse such as the Twin Ds his sons, Lawarence Valcua, Tae's unborn child and Lord Rocambole. There are others made from him directly such as Valcua Two, and others who were experimented on and given some of his direct DNA with in the womb, such as Baron Byron Balazs.

Those turned by him may recieve some of his power but they are not the same as those who are a direct bloodline family member.  They have access to many things around the frontier others do not. Such as in the Nobility Airport dealing with the Special Class-A Computer or having access toLamoa Fortress. They all have special gifts and powers not seen in any other creature in the world.

These inclue: 

Known Members[]

D and D

Lawrence Valcua

Lord Rocambole

Ds (Battlefield of Shadows )

Baron Byron Balazs

Valcua Two

Tae's unborn child

VIP Treatment Privlages[]

  • The education and speaking of the language unique to this family and the ability to read and decipher the Sacred Ancestor's Characters.
  • The Barbaroids's highest law states that they come under the service to anyone of his blood line should they ever visit the village above any other laws or contracts current or past.
  • Special Access to the Nobility Airfield, and possibly all other Noble assets around the world
"It's everywhere. But also nowhere. I simply spoke the truth. There's no other way to save someone who's seen their doppelganger and fallen into a coma except to have them drink the blood of the Sacred Ancestor."
DorleacBedeviled Stagecoach|[src]]]