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Portrait Of The Sacred Ancestor.

Though the science of the Nobility had peeked five millennia earlier, there was another type of super-advanced technology, The Sacred Ancestor's Technology, which used physical laws not even the Noblity could comprehend.


No one save the Sacred Ancestor understood the fundamental principles, but he permitted the Nobility, who generally understood how to use it to incorporate his technology. But the technology was sealed away at one point, and everything that made use of it was destroyed. It's believed that was when the decline of the Nobility, as a race, began. Among the Nobles, many felt with the Sacred Ancestor's technology the might have staved off that decline for another thousand years, and they suspected perhaps the Sacred Ancestor was trying to hasten the Nobility's deterioration. He made no response to these thoughts not being the type to take notice of every complaint or suspicion. No one outwardly opposed him or confronted him on the subject.

Lord Valcua's Encounter[]

When the Sacred Ancestor's Technology was locked away, the great lord Valcua was still on earth. He should have been the forefront of protesters. Word has it you could count on both hands the number of Nobles who complained to the Sacred Ancestor .....and it's said that lord Valcua actually went to the Capital for an audience with the Sacred Ancestor. Nothing less than an hour after they met, Valcua left the Sacred  Ancestor's manse, returning to the Frontier that same day. To this very day, no one  knows what the discussed. Valcua later on reveals in this conversation he told him at one time he was his only success. But he had given that title to another. He told Valcua of his ultimate fate and other events to come. He went mad fueled by a rage to survive,to not give in to this so called fate. Around this time he ripped the fetus from the bellies of every pregnant  woman on theFrontier then tore them to pieces.


The Lamoa Fortress is said to be the only use of the Sacred Ancestor's technology that he had no complaint of it still being used. Count Braujou's Great Spear must also be on the list along with other small and not widely known exceptions. The Sacred Ancestor's Army most likely still makes use of it as well.