• Hello, first of all, Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you.

    My exams are nearly over and I'll be starting to update my VHD Verse Page in TSW by reading and finishing rest of the novels. So I have two small requests.

    First of all, can I link my Feats Blog for D in D's page in here? I'll definitely link this wikia to my verse page since it helped me a lot with many Infos for the profiles.

    Secondly, do you have scans for the short stories On The Night Road and The Castle's Resident? I have read all the other short stories but I don't have these two. So I'd really appreciate if you could somehow provide scans of these two short stories. It'll help me with the blog especially the short stories section.

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    • Thank you and the same to you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

      Yea you can link or use what ever you need from this site I welcome the idea of the info being used in as much as possible.

      I didn't specifically scan those no. Those stories are in the reader's guide, which I urge you to get, it has a ton of info, much of which I got in making many of the pages and cite here. It would help probably in your info gathering to have it as well I think.

      Better get it soon though looks like it's selling out everywhere all of a sudden. Word about it must have gotten around alot more recently.

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    • Let me know if you can't get it, give me an e-mail or something and I'll send you something if I can.

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    • Wonderful! Thank you.

      I do want to get it. Problem is I can't buy it right now because not only are the books very expensive where I'm at, but many sellers that are available here are second-hand and untrustworthy. I aim to buy the Japanese version since apparently it has some extra content like interviews which were omitted in the English translation. However, it'll take a few years since I'll start learning japanese soon.

      I'm very sorry if this may seem like I'm bothering you but it'd be great if you can just post a Google drive or Dropbox or MEGA link here of those two stories. I already have read the other stories but haven't read these two which I'd need for my blog post. You don't really have to if you don't want to and it's completely understandable.

      Also speaking of Information, I have a question. Can you tell me if there is any information in the Reader's Guide on both Big Bang Accelerator and Destroyer? If so, what do they state?

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    • Yea that is a big hurdle some areas have alot of difficulty getting things that are simple to get in other places. 

      Importing thing from Japan though is particularlly expensive usually all over the US, which is a reason I haven't gotten into that as well.

      I have no trouble posting the whole thing but just like comics, posting the whole story like that is banned in most places because people abuse it. Its not annoying to me It would be a simple thing for me to scan and post it really.

      I can definitely post the Big Bang Accelerator and Destroyer, I'll get back to you on the stories.

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    • Alright that's understandable. No worries and take your time.

      Edit: If you're gonna get to the stories, please don't post the scans here. Rather just link a Google drive or MEGA of the scans here and delete the link when I confirm that I've gotten the scans.

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    • Yo I finished reading Vol 22: White Devil Mountain. Both the pages of Budges and Jeanne need to be fixed.

      Budges basically is a formless bodiless invisible being who is likely Non-existent. Plus, he never showed or implied to have greater Noble powers, just Psychic powers that were strong enough to restrain a Bloodlusted Gilzen for a heartbeat allowing D to kill the latter. Lastly, he died when Gilzen returned back.

      As for Jeanne, she too died when Gilzen returned and impaled her heart with his Icicle spear.

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