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Throng of Heretics
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English Title Vampire Hunter D: Throng of Heretics
Original title Vampire Hunter 19: D — Throng of Heretics
Japanese 吸血鬼ハンター19 D―魔道衆 (Banpaia Hantā 19: D — Madōshū)
Author Hideyuki Kikuchi
Illustrator Yoshitaka Amano
Translator Kevin Leahy
English Publication Data
Publication date October 4, 2016
Published by DH Press, DMP Books
Pages 226
ISBN ISBN 1-61-655789-3
Japanese Publication Data
Publication date October 5, 2007
Published by Asahi Sonorama
ISBN ISBN 978-4-02-265530-1
Publication Order
English Volume 24
Japanese Vampire Hunter 19
Preceded by
Iriya the Berserker
Followed by
Undead Island

This volume Twenty-four of the light novel series.

Plot Summary[]

A device which has observed ruins in the southern Frontier Sector for 300 years suddenly deactivates. Nobles who were cruelly slaughtered by the hands of men, the survivors of the Xeno Clan, are revived. Fearing the fangs of vengeance, the mayor of the village where the murderer's descendants reside hires five vampire hunters. As the mayor returns from the Capital, five enemies target his daughter. During a thunderstorm, a noble attacks her on the mountain pass. Amid the flashes of lightning, the master's beautiful visage appears... The bloodsucking Nobles, the hunters, and D -- the chaotic journey of three parties begins as the bloody wind blows.

  • Published in conjunction with Digital Manga Publishing.

Main Characters[]


Other Characters[]




  • Southern Frontier Sectors
  • Ligatem 
  • Iron Castle