Time-Bewitching Incense is a substance created from plants with a main component being the transparent sap from the stalk of the stark-white blossom.

Once prepared, its scent is capable of turning day into night for those of the vampiric Nobility. This allows them to use as it to save their eternal lives from destruction during daylight hours but left them critically exposed during night time.


Those with the blood of the Nobility were unable to escape the effects of the Incense and even Dhampirs were effected by its use with some being driven mad by its effects.


Ransylva IncidentEdit

Count Magnus Lee had the incense lit when D entered his castle. He later provided some to Rei-Ginsei to defeat D. Afterwords, Greco stole and used on Lee's daughter, Larmica.

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Return of ValcuaEdit

D, during the return of Lawrence Valcua asked Karim Mubbe to prepare the Incense during a single day. Mubbe succeeded though his rushed efforts meant that this Incenses effects were somewhat diminished compared to a carefully prepared sample. The Incense's wick was lit in order to test its effects at the request of D though the dhampir experienced the negative results of the object as it was used during night time.


Background Information and NotesEdit

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