The town of Toro was located approximately in the center of the Northern Frontier. Since there was a mine in the area that produced antimatter catalyst, the town had grown extremely prosperous despite its inconvenient location, with a population of around seven thousand and a reputation as one of the five most successful communities in the Northern Frontier. The suburbs were equip with an airport for shipping ore, and the train tracks into the industrial zone were always brimming with fifty cars a day of cargo coming and going. Consisting of the usual bars and casinos, the entertainment district was as busy as could be, with many of the places lit up with neon and open for business even by day. The effect was enhanced by an artificial night that covered the entertainment district alone---a bit of scientific trickery made possible by particle-tinting technology.

Beneath the blue sky that part of town was sealed in darkness, from which spilled signing and gunshots and the glow of the lights in the quarter that never slept. Its habitues were drifters, gamblers, bartenders, dancing girls, outlaws, warriors, killers, bodyguards,prostitutes, monster peddlers, arms dealers, and so on, and so on.. Any form of vice that could be conceived of in a Frontier town was put into action in this area that was dark even by day

This is the town in Record of the Blood Battle where Leda, Piron and Baron Alpulup Macula are sold into slavery.

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