Leila Survival Knife 2 snapshot 001
Both the novel and movie version have the ability to transmutate into organic and inorganic objects. The movie version does her whole body while the novel will fuze a portion of her body usually her hands into the object. Once transmuted into the object she can form and shape different weapons out of the physical make up of the
Caroline Transmutation
object. She also may gain enhanced physical boosts from the objects she is taking form of. In the movie she took form of trees, the marcus bus,  and used other surrounding areas to add to its mass she seemed to take from as well. She also seems immune to physical attacks in the movie as she did not ever draw blood and pieces of her from were reconstituted into her body with out much effort even if severed.


Caroline lightning strike
The only weakness to the form seems to be energy or elemental attacks that surprise her taking her off guard as this is how she is killed in the movie.

The novel version may avoid this by not taking on the complete form of the object in question. They both seem to combine powers of sorcery related to Matter Manipulation, Transmutation , and Autonomous Hair powers she possesses.

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