Traveling Weapon Merchant that sold Greco Rohman his Combat Suit

As the name implies it's a merchant who doesn't stay in one place constantly moving from area to area selling goods and services. As a result they are available for service intermittently every couple times over a long period.

The man who supplies Doris and Dan Lang daily necessities trades for the protein they grow on their farm, instead of buying it. As the protein the Langs grow is well known for its density, the merchant always gives them an exceptional rate in trade for it. He calls on their farm once a month.

Greco Rohman buys his low-grade second hand combat suit from a wondering merchant.

Permission to set up shopEdit

Something Maggie the Almighty talks about getting from the sheriff. when she comes to the Village where Sybille Schmitz sleeps, Apparently Traveling Merchants need permission to do business in a given community on the Frontier.

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