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NOW READING: Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars[edit | edit source]

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Sacred Ancestor's Sword from Bloodlust

The first movie was my intro to the series. I heard about the novels and their translations and have almost all the novels in the translated series as of now. I have been watching  this wiki for some time and felt the need to contribute more to it as I don't see much info for D fans following the novels to have something to look at like I see with comics movies, shows, etc.

I have many interests, dbz, comics, science, martial arts(practicing and movies), technology,horror, drama, etc.

I do frequently visit gamefaqs forum and use this current screen name.

I see some active users here but seem to just be lurking. If you have anything you want to discuss, requests, or suggestions feel free.

My favorite pages[edit | edit source]

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