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The Vampire is a species central to the Vampire Hunter D fiction.


The vampire race began with purebloods who predate humanity. Their origin goes all the way back to at least Earth's creation. The original pure blood, god, and progenitor of the race is the Sacred Ancestor.


Those who are of pure blood were born a vampire, with a pure blood vampire father and a pure blood vampire mother who through intercourse created a pregnancy that is carried to term, not turned. In the Nobility purebloods are much more respected than turned vampires. Having a respected family lineage is of great importance to gain political, financial, and positional prestige. Depending on who turned the vampire may make a difference, but most of the time it doesn't. Even those turned vampires usually become servants of those of pure blood.


They come in various forms, such as the pureblooded Nobles who rule over them, as well as described as humans who are transformed into an inferior form of zombie vampire by the bite of a Noble.

Some Nobles such as Magnus Lee have insinuated that they can turn humans into Nobility as well (even a mutant, as it was promised to Rei-Ginsei) thus bestowing them with immortality. While most common vampires can not control the out come of thier bites, almost all true Nobility can leave the mark called the Kiss of Nobility, which can turn humans into true Nobility, Cesare, Zombies, or even half-humans. Pseudo Nobility can also be made as well.

Many vampires enjoy intercourse with humans and procreate with them, creating Dhampirs as a result.

Vampires are hunted by Vampire Hunters, the occupation of the main character of the series, D.

Powers and Abilities[]

Vampires feed upon the blood of humans and with age and experience, gain increased strength and a variety of psychic powers, which may include telekinesis, a protective force field, flight, even the ability to survive death from weaknesses that can kill them as a ghost(Carmilla).

Nobility can resurrect in a unique way that has nothing to do with cell regeneration or production at the atomic level. Atomic Blasters, Plasma Cannons, Anti-Proton Missiles....all useless. Even seemingly destroying the body completely they resurrect, completely regenerating their clothes, rings, necklaces etc. even if they are ordinary and have no properties to perpetuate that ability.


Only weaknesses to true sunlight, stakes to the heart, or iron based weapons can bypass this ability. Cutting the head off may work if it is kept away from the body long enough.

In many Greater Nobility, they are resistant to these weaknesses. It's further discussed in Vampire Resurrection.

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