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So it begins...

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Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars, also referred to as Vampire Hunter D: Message from Cecile is a currently running comic book adaptation of Message from Cecile, an unpublished Hideyuki Kikuchi short story never before released in english. This story was only given to fans as a prize during an event in Japan and will make it's English debut in this 5 comic book series published by Stranger Comics.


Message from Mars is told from the point of view of Cecile, a girl who could see the future, one of the human colonists on Mars. D arrives to find a colony that is little more than a blood farm. With Left Hand by his side, D sets out to cleanse Mars of the vampiric scourge! We see the ascension of the Nobility in the aftermath of a nuclear war on Earth and a part of the beginning of D's journey as a vampire hunter.

Main Characters[]


  • Vampiress Elite (unnamed vampire lord who seems to lead a group of Nobility Monster Mix)
  • Vampire Elite (unnamed vampire lord who seems to be second in command of a group of Nobility Monster Mix)
  • Nobility Monster Mix  (mix of enhanced humans, bio-men, genetically engineered animals, and creatures created by the Nobility that attack D in the city of Wells)
  • Bruce the energy vampire (a vampire lord who now resides on Mars originally from Earth)

Other Characters[]

  • Franz Weaver (a human colonist who resides in Wells)
  • Blood farm's human cattle



  • Galactic Drive (galactic drive is an engine used to propel spaceships)
  • Spaceship (mode of transport to travel through space)


  • Mars (red planet in earth's solar system)
  • Mars Colony (massive multi-city colony built on mars)
  • Wells (capital city of the mars colony)
  • Blood Farm (a farm where humans are herded like cattle)

Background Information from Scott McLean[]

The story in this comic book series is not planned for the show.

Firstly, the main series of the VHD novels all take place on Earth. This story is set on Mars.

Secondly, when I read Message from Cecile(I think I was the 3rd person to see it in English), I loved the story, but as a short story, I didn't see it adapting well to either a feature film or a TV episode. After sharing it with our team, we thought it could be a great story for a comic book adaptation.

Kikuchi-san had a few questions since American style comic books(24 page, full color comics) don't exist in Japan. After we showed him what we wanted to do, he gave us his blessing.

And so, here we are looking at issue #1 of Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars.

And a huge thanks to Kevin, the series translator, for putting this story in my hands.

D's Appearance Concept Explained by Scott McLean[]

D Message from Mars profile picture.jpg

As far as Cloak vs coat and the interior of the cloak being red, black or something else:

In the novels, D sometimes has a coat, sometimes a cloak. Since a choice had to be made from an art direction perspective, a cloak was chosen.

From a purely practical, art design perspective, solid black everything doesn't work well visually because you have no contrast. Hence, the red interior of the cloak. Or the Deadpool logic of, I wear red so you can't see the blood, could also be applicable since there is an awful lot of blood getting spilled. (Deadpool never actually came up in this discussion process)

Creative Team[]

Hideyuki kikuchi and kevin and i by dakatsu1112-d55lp45.jpg

Hideyuki Kikuchi- Original short story by luminary author Hideyuki Kikuchi.


Kevin Leahy- Hideyuki Kikuchi's personal translator credited with putting the project in motion by translating the original work used for the story as seen above.

Brandon Easton resize.png

Brandon Easton-Adapting "Message from Mars" is veteran comic writer and screenwriter Brandon Easton.

Yoshitaka-amano resize.png

Yoshitaka Amano-Inspired by the original production design created by the legendary Yoshitaka Amano.

Christopher Shy resize.png

Christopher Shy-Visual development was spearheaded by the wonderful Christopher Shy.

Michael Broussard resize.png

Michael Broussard-The stunning art for “Message from Mars” is being created by the amazing Michael Broussard.(First Comic)

Ryan Benjamin.png

Ryan Benjamin- Taking over for Micheal Broussard as the main artist for "Message from Mars" after the first comic. He will now be the main artist of the series in general.

Richard Friend.jpg

Richard Friend- Veteran Artist who will be providing inks for the series, replacing Micheal Broussard in this capacity as main artist after the first comic.

Agnes Garbowska.jpg

Agnes Garbowska-Artist of an alternate art cover and exclusive future motion scene in her style

Hyoung Taek Nam.jpg

Hyoung Taek Nam- Alternate Cover Artist


Artgerm- Alternate Cover Artist

Jae Lee by Luigi Novi 2-7-07 resize.png

Jae Lee- Alternate Cover Artist

Unified Pictures resize .png
Digital Frontier resize.png

Unified Pictures and Digital Frontier- Supporting the creation of comics are the entire creative teams of both Unified Pictures and Digital Frontier.

Full List of Credits[]

Vampire Hunter D Message from Mars Credits.png



VHD Message From Mars Preview!

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Possible Covers[]

There are more to come possible alternate covers coming soon including those from Yoshiaki Kawajiri, and Yoichi Mori. The Cover by Agnes Garbowska may become available as a comic in the future. As well as concept alternate covers by Christopher Shy and Micheal Broussard.

Known Covers[]



  • The Kickstarter for making this a project is one of the if not the most highly funded projects in Kickstarter history.
  • Agnes Garbowska artist for my little pony and many other works including the chibi D alternate cover is a huge Vampire Hunter D fan.
  • Agnes Garbowska's cover has a motion capture for the scene leading from before and up to what is depicted to also be released in the future.
  • The motion comic made for this will have full movement and a cast of voice actors for the scenes that have not yet been commissioned.
  • Scott McLean met Joshua Cozine of Stranger comics in 2015 at another venue.
  • The Covers involving the moon were rejected as a cover due to it not being considered on Mars. There was opposing discussion on this including that Mars does have two such moons. These rejected covers may become available as alternate covers.
  • There are two colors for the Christopher Shy cover dubbed "Blue" and "Red". The "Red" cover will be the cover considered more targeted for collection.
  • There is a scene where various monsters of the Nobility created on Mars attack D. Not all of them are described. Here Kikuchi-san gave the team the green light to come up with their own creative monsters to depict for the comic
  • It is in the works for the original "Message from Cecile" work that that comic is based on will become available in 2017.
  • Brandon Easton may be part of the creative team to work on the show after the completion of the comic.
  • With the success of this project Kikuchi-san has made it known unreleased directions he has planned for the story so the creative team doesn't veer off that preset course and is in line with his thoughts of where the story will head.