These powers refer to those turned vampire or born vampire but are not Greater Nobility level in physical make up.

These powers include increase physical stats such as:

Immortality- Immune to dying of old age, and most conventional means. They can still be affected by garlic, holy water, crosses, and other vampire weaknesses.

Regeneration- The level of regeneration among Vampires far surpasses even those with regenerating powers of Vince. They are not quite Greater Noble level but, things such as complete immolation, dissolving in acid, or molecular manipulation they will eventually regenerate from called Vampire Resurrection.

Superhuman Accuracy- they instantly become expert marksmen even if they never picked up or used a gun or other projectile type weapons

Superhuman Strength- Their strength is well beyond all humans. Even those with high quality Combat Suits who can amplify strength hundreds some thousands of times. Cyborgs are also considered stronger than any combat suit and Vampires outcalss them as well. Their strength is well into the many tons of strength.

Superhuman Speed- Their speed increases dramatically. They can out run bullets and kill groups of armed men before they have time to react.

Superhuman Reflexes

Superhuman Agility- Well beyond any gymnast or even enhanced humans.

Superhuman Sense- All senses such as sight, smell, taste, touch, balance etc. are all super human.

Supernatural Sense- their supernatural sense is vague not as developed as a Greater Noble.

Natural Abilities and Talents- What ever talent or special abilites a human had when turned are multiplied in power such as Egbert's Kingdom, singing ability, or anything else.

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