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Vlad Balazs
General information
Also known as

Lord Vlad






Height:Over 6'8"
Weight:Over 230
Eyes:Red(Vampire Nature

Clothes:Purpleish Gown,




Over 5,000


Western Frontier


Lord of Western Frontier


Sacred Ancestor (Vampire
House of Balazs
Lady Cordelia Balazs (Wife)
Baron Byron Balazs (Son)

Powers and Abilities

First Appearance

Pale Fallen Angel

Hideyuki Kikuchi
"Lord Vlad:So glad you could come, man known as D. I wish we could sit down and have a drink in recognition of your long and wearying trip, but I'm afraid neither of us in a position to do so. The least I can do is make your death an easy one. Or should I say your Destruction?"

Left Hand:"Death or destruction......that's a distinction a human would make. Either one is fine, but do you think you can do either to us?"

Lord Vlad and Left Hand[src]

Lord Vlad Balazs is a pure blood Greater Noble, who rules over the Western Frontier from the village of Krauhausen. Vlad is the father of Baron Byron Balazs and the husband of Lady Cordelia Balazs. He makes his appearance in Pale Fallen Angel.


He wears a bluish purple cape or sometimes a gown of the same color. At more than six feet eight, he stands a full head taller than the Baron, but his figure looks perfectly square due to the unusual broadness of his shoulders. His lengthy face is black, with a metallic luster. His naked chest is also pitch black, and against it sways a medallion of jewel-encrusted gold. He carries a Golden Scepter, the head of which is set with crimson stones.


Ignoring his wife's opposition, he allows a certain procedure on Byron while he was still in Cordelia's womb. When Vince is possessed by the destroyer, Vlad destroys him with one strike of his scepter. When his left arm is severed fighting D, he replaces it with a titanium electronic artificial limb. The hand squeezes with 50 tons of force, sending a jet of water flying at Mach 3 to pierce the D's chest. Unable to heal from the wounds from D, Vlad Fuses with the Guide.

Plain of Slaughter[]

The plain that lies between the village of Krauhausen and Mount Blade. Due perhaps to the winds caused by flying creatures, flying across it is impossible. A battle once took place there between Lord Vlad's soldiers and villagers who oppose the lord, plus Nobility from the Western Frontier who backed the villagers. The villagers were defeated, and more than a thousand survivors were captured and buried alive out on the plain. Some say the ground and grass are red due to the bloodshed. During that battle, a huge pit that opened in the plain swallowed the Nobles aiding the villagers. Murderous little people a foot and a halt tall also lurk in the grass plain.

Powers and Abilities[]

Physical Stats of a Greater Noble- was more powerful than the Guide.

Darkness Manipulation

Master Technician

Destructive Capacity: - City level+ likely much, much higher as he took on the Destroyer and fused with The Guide.

Lord Vlad showdown with D


Titanium electronic artificial limb - When his left arm is severed fighting D, he replaces it with an artificial limb. The hand squeezes with 50 tons of force, sending a jet of water flying at Mach 3 to pierce the D's chest.

Golden Scepter

Miniature Disk

Vlad's Best Three[]

The three greatest fighters Lord Vlad Balazs has in the village of Krauhausen.

Lord Vlad Balazs's Forces[]

Seven Assassins[]

Rogue Assassin[]