Walker was a machine created by Baron Alpulup Malcula. It was an unused prototype that never got fully developed.

Walker's body consisted of 4 enormous steel limbs and a bare frame. Nevertheless it moved with smoothness reminiscent of an animal. Instead of a head it has a naked girl, floating in midair, about 16 or 17 in age with tempting skin and full shapely breasts. From the waist down the girl was concealed in darkness while she is shouting for help. Tears flows from the girls eyes and she has willow thin eyebrows quaked with fear. She is actually a bait for the machine.

Somewhere in the frame of the machine, a black whip whistled out with the power to split the flesh of any man snared by the girls entreaties 

It’s neck stretched a good fifteen feet into the air and the end of it fused with the girl’s lower body. The neck is eighteen inches thick.

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