The beings that comprise the Dark Water Forces fighting unit, Synthetic Humans that are life forms sent by Lord Vlad Balazs to kill his son, Baron Byron Balazs. They're covered from head to toe by semitransparent, gelatinous material. They have thick lips, eight-inch-long steel claws, and swolen belies, and can speak like human beings. They spit a sticky goo that robs their opponent of their vision. They can sink into less than four inches of water. After sinking into the floodwaters, they attack D's group while staying in the village of Diemli.

Another Liquid Human appears in Scenes From An Unholy War named Domon. He has all the powers it seems of a Water Warrior. His power is described to being to do the same thing when fusing into water but with greater detail adding the fact that liquid humans have the ability to fuze thousands of their molecules into one which allows them to shrink enough to fit into a seemingly impossible small body of water or container.

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