"I know all that. My father was a Hunter, too. A Werewolf Hunter"
―Doris Lang[src]

The Werewolf Hunter is a class of hunter not as famous as the Vampire Hunter, yet still notable due to the difficulty of hunting the werewolf species, who are often utilized as servants by vampires since they are not hindered by the crucifix. The groups of seasoned werewolf hunters occasionally fell victim to attacks by werewolf because the attack was far more terrible than any rumors. The Lang family has a history of werewolf hunting, up until the late father of Doris and Dan.

According to Doris's childhood memories, her father and his other Hunter friends gathered around the hearth, sharing stories about the distant past, before the nuclear disaster. Also, according to D, Doris skill with the whip was something she had learned from her father, which is the possibility that these hunters were very conscientious with the same.

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