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White Devil Mountain Part 1-2
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English Title White Devil Mountain Part 1-2
Original title Vampire Hunter 17: D — White Devil Mountain (Part One/Two)
Japanese 吸血鬼ハンター17 D―白魔山〔上〕/〔下〕 (Banpaia Hantā 17: D — Hakumasan (Jō/Ge))
Author Hideyuki Kikuchi
Illustrator Yoshitaka Amano
Translator Kevin Leahy
English Publication Data
Publication date December 24, 2014
Published by DH Press, DMP Books
Pages 281
ISBN ISBN 1-61655-509-2
Japanese Publication Data
Part One
Publication date February 28, 2005
January 7, 2008
Published by Asahi Sonorama
ISBN ISBN 4-257-76909-2
ISBN 978-4-02-265519-6
Part Two
Publication date July 31, 2005
January 7, 2008
Published by Asahi Sonorama
ISBN ISBN 4-257-76915-7
ISBN 978-4-02-265520-2
Publication Order
English Volume 22
Japanese Vampire Hunter 17
Preceded by
Record of the Blood Battle
Followed by
Iriya the Berserker

Humans vs Nobles with D caught in the middle! Commissioned by a vampire ancient to recover the coffin containing the body of the demonic Gilzen, hated even by his own kind, D travels to a frightening mountain landscape perennially shrouded in snow. Within a castle piercing the mountainside, D discovers a group of knights tasked to protect Gilzen at any cost. It’s time for D to use all the forces and powers at his command to prevent Gilzen’s resurrection!

  • Published in conjunction with Digital Manga Publishing.
  • Features line illustrations by Final Fantasy designer Yoshitaka Amano.

Main Characters[]


Other characters[]




  • Northern Frontier Sector
  • Mount Shilla (One of the mountains in the mountain range that can be seen from the village of Mungs)
  • The Great Mountains of Madness (mountain located in the Southern Frontier Sector)
  • Crystal Palace (palace owned by the Devil Duke Gilzen)
  • Mungs (village)