"Wide Brim Traveler's Hat, inky black long coat, sword across the back—and more than anything, those handsome features. No matter how she looked at them, both of them were D. However, the atmosphere that surrounded each was as different as shadow and light. Though the D with a longsword in hand had a viciousness that would crumble stone and steel, the aura drifting from the D who stood empty handed was the pure ghastliness of one prepared to battle to the death. One D referred to the other as D, but the other one didn't reply. The speaker’s gorgeous form was pierced by an egregious, overwhelming killing lust.The voice and tone were exactly the same——but somehow entirely different."
―NarratorTwin-Shadowed Knight|[src]]]

D's black Hat. Its wide brimmed pulled down and angled slightly tilted to one side.

The Sacred Ancestor is said to wear one just like it at times.

Twin D also wears this as well.

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