Whiskey with the head of a wild cobra in it. This whiskey was used to anesthetize monsters and super natural creatures in the five-ton-and-over class---things like armored serpents or temblor rhinos. It was a drug more than a drink, and also more of a poison than a drug and even the most seasoned alcoholic would be knocked on his ass with the first sip. Together, the three massive men including Gil might be able to drain the cup in two or three minutes. Sometimes this whiskey gave people nightmarish hallucinations. Apparently pursued by unimaginable visions, they would scream NO! and Help! as they waved around a sword or fired wildly with a gun. Needless to say this drink was beyond even the extreme drink that Warriors drink Absinthe.

When D downs this despite the affects of Sunlight Syndrome, and potent vampire bat venom still running through him this has no affect on him.

Gil falls out from this and bleeds from every pore on his face.

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