"It's alleged that more than five thousand years ago, you asked Lord Begley and others to abduct the girls of the town. Because the community resisted, the town was put to the torch and nearly a thousand humans were killed. Including babies. The town is made up of the descendants of the survivors."
Zappara Sheriff[src]

Zappara was a mining town about thirty miles south of the center of the Northern Frontier Sector. Though similar in size to Toro, the town's mines had been scaling back for the last dozen years or so, and the resulting population shift had left it with about two thousand residents. The welcoming arch at the entrance to town was extremely rusty. This town is the descendents of all those who were slaughtered by Lord Begley in Baron Alpulup Macula's name who refused to be in his experiments. This is where D brings the Baron and where he has his trial with the Circuit Court.

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